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Revenue Management for Hire

Don’t have the budget or office space to hire a full time Revenue Manager? With today’s technology we can help ease those burdens. RMM can provide you with all the tools you need to make your hotel successful. We have a wide array of options and can tailor each to your need. Contact us now for more details.

Strategic Assessment

A comprehensive look at all areas that Revenue Management touches. We will do a deep dive in your systems, extranets and processes that are in place. At the end we will be able to provide you with a road map that will allow you to make decisions for the property moving forward to increase revenues.

Competitive Analysis

Usually a very eye-opening experience for all those involved in the process. We can work with staff to complete a Competitive Analysis of the hotel. Provide a comprehensive  look at your position in the market and make recommendations for possible STR Report changes after analyzing the competitive set.

System Audits

Did you just purchase a hotel and not sure if the systems are setup correctly? Maybe there has been lots of turnover at the hotel and has led to a cluttered system. We can do a deep dive audit on your systems and let you know where your opportunities are. RMM can provide you a comprehensive list or better yet help facilitate those changes and updates for you.

Technology Migration

Are you changing Brands or maybe just getting new systems? Let us help you in this transition. We can make sure your new systems are setup according to your specification. Our goal is to make it as seamless as possible for you and your staff.

Task Force Management

When someone takes an unexpected leave of absence or possibly receives a promotion it could leave you without a Revenue Manager for the short term. This is a great option for those that would like someone to bridge that gap allowing the hotel to take their time searching for a new employee or holding the spot till the employee returns.

Operations Oversight

Maybe you need more help outside of Revenue Management, we've got you covered. If you are looking for Operational guidance, we can help with that. Let us help train Front Desk agents, prepare you for your next Quality Assurance Assessment or oversee your renovation. With over 17 years of Hospitality experience we can help ease those worries.

Marketing/Digital Sales + Revenue Management for Hire

Need the complete package, we can help. Let us bring on additional help for your Sales/Marketing efforts while we work together to increase your properties Revenue. All the features you need to make your property successful. Contact us now for more details.